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Full Light Communications works in relationship with clients to help them articulate and achieve their vision through facilitation, coaching, and communications services.


Creative thinking fuels the process and strategic thinking leads the way at Full Light Communications.  We are here to help our clients achieve personal and professional results that are a co-creation between all team members.  Our work is rooted in relationship, centered on strategy, and aimed toward fulfilling clear outcomes.


Owner Mitzi Rapkin's professional career began in outdoor leadership, mentorship, and guiding, and she has worked in communications and public engagement for more than 15 years and has 30 years of experience as a journalist, interviewer, and writer. She is a certified Integral Coach, a certified Structured Facilitator, and is certified in IAP2 Public Participation, among other professional and personal accomplishments.

Learn more about our coaching, communications, and facilitation services. 

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